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The Story

Tailor's Tools

Photos by Steve Koss.

Proudly serving the Birmingham & Royal Oak area for 24 years, AA Tailoring & Bridal Alterations is experienced with all types of womenswear, menswear and baby & children's clothing. Whether it's for a special occasion or every day, the goal is to have you looking and feeling your best. And by best, I mean AA.

Why the double "A"'s?

The first "A" in the name pays homage to the original owner's first name, Abraham. The second "A" serves to hold a listing at the top of the yellow pages. Although the ownership has changed and the phone book has become outdated, I remain dedicated to upholding the quality of my work to the name.

At the heart of it all is the passion for sewing.

Between my time working in women’s fashion for 10 years and at a fabric store for 3 years, I began sewing avidly and fell in love with the craft. For me, sewing is multi-disciplinary and exercises my strengths in math, engineering & anatomy while utilizing my creativity, patience, steady hands, sense of style & sharp eyes.

I believe that clothes are more than just clothes.

What we wear speaks for us visually and communicates aspects of our personalities whether consciously or not. Our sense of style provides the opportunity to tell the world who we are as individuals. Through self expression with our clothing, we have the power to manifest our best selves by both looking and feeling like ourselves. When we're deliberate with our message, we can choose to exude self-confidence, enhance our natural beauty, ultimately - radiate what is most fitting to you.

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